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  1. Hi,

    Interesting project, but it my be I’m not technical enough. How to you buy domains through SIL? Page does not help that much. Is the system still in active development?

    1. Yes, you can register and manage domains using the 611 coin wallet.
      Just click on the “Manage Names” tab, enter the free domain name you like register into the “New name:” field and press the “-> Submit” button.
      611 Wallet Manage Names

      To manage a registered domain name simply double click the name in the “Your registered names” list.

      Hint: Do not forget to renew your registered domains in time before they expire. There is no late renewal option! Every update on a domain object automatically renews it.

  2. Hello. I have a domain name m2ch.611.to, it’s not expired, but it doesn’t resolve by 611.to DNS servers. What’s the matter?

    1. We are unable to verify this issue. The domain name resolves correctly like being programmed in the #611 blockchain.

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